Dan Stalcup for Hunters Creek Homes Association Board

Hi, I’m Dan Stalcup, and I’m running for the Board of the Hunters Creek Homes Association.

I’d like to say “hi!” and share how I plan to serve the neighborhood if you elect me to the Board.

Who I am

I live on Clarke Street with my wife, Katy, and my 2-year-old daughter, Eleanor. We are expecting our second child in November!

I grew up in Ashburn and have lived in Hunters Creek since 2013. I work as a software developer for a consultancy in Arlington, and I previously worked for six years as a director of a small education business in Herndon.

For the past year, I have served as the Secretary of the Hunters Creek Home Association, and I’m asking for your vote to join the Board. I have facilitated meetings, kept minutes, spearheaded an IT modernization effort, and learned the basics of running an effective homeowners association.

What I’ll do

If elected as a member of the Hunters Creek Home Associate Board, my priorities will be as follows:

  • Maintain board knowledge and efficiency: Hunters Creek boasts some of the lowest HOA fees in Virginia. Architectural reviews and disclosures are handled with efficiency and expertise. Much of this success comes from experienced officers who have expressed intent to retire in the near future. If elected to the board, my top priority will be to transfer this knowledge to maintain effective performance of board responsibilities and to keep our annual fees low.
  • Explore communication, IT, and accessibility opportunities: Hunters Creek ended its quarterly newsletter a couple of years ago as volunteer support dwindled. I will attempt to recruit new volunteers to publish a newsletter in physical or digital form. I will also continue the Board’s IT Modernization effort to support professional Board operation. I’d like to look into online payment of dues, as well as a Spanish language landing page on the web site.
  • Start a Little Free Library. I think it would be a lot of fun if Hunters Creek had a Little Free Library for all to enjoy. Although I don’t need to be a Board member to set one up, it’s something I’d love to do with the neighborhood’s support. If I manage to set one up, I’d love for it to have a special focus on children’s books.


I love connecting with my neighbors. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to say “hi,” ask me questions about the Hunters Creek Home Association, or share your thoughts about the neighborhood.

You can email me at danstalcup@gmail.com. Thanks!